Meeting the Mouse

Spring Break always seems synonymous with Florida when you grow up in Michigan. Well, this is actually a state that I have never visited. With that being said, I decided it was time to change it. We booked our first trip to Disney World in Florida for Spring Break 2019. It was so much fun and worth every penny! Your never too old to visit this place, there is something for everyone.

Here are some tips, tricks and highlights from our vacation.

There are 4 parks that make up Disney World.

1. Magic Kingdom

2. Hollywood Studios

3. Animal Kingdom

4. Epcot

Plan and research the attractions at each park to know which park you would like to visit. There are hopper tickets that allow you to go between all parks. We managed to only make it to 2 parks in one day.

Personally, I believe that Magic Kingdom is best for little kids. There are so many small rides and attractions that will keep them entertained. Epcot is catered more towards adults as you can "drink around the world". We did visit each of the parks at least once with the majority of our time at Magic Kingdom because my daughter is 6 years old. Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom are great for all ages.

To get to Magic Kingdom you have to take a boat or a monorail into the park once you've parked. It's pretty cool except at night time when you leave and there are a billion people waiting in line to get out of the park.

I thoroughly enjoyed visiting Animal Kingdom because there were trees and plants everywhere that made me think I was in a jungle or somewhere in Africa. Lion King, Pandora, A Bugs Life and Up are some of the Disney features of this park it is associated with.

I loved seeing the Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom, it was so breathtakingly beautiful. I can't imagine how long it took to create this.

Another awesome picture below at Animal King as we walked over a bridge to the new Avatar rides.

All of the parks have restaurants and themes with their food. Plan ahead and make reservations in order to guarantee that you can get it because it's always super busy and you are not guaranteed to get in.

Hollywood Studios had some pretty cool rides to include the new Slinky Dog roller coaster that we had a blast on!

Epcot was the park that we spent the least amount of time at due to the interest of our 6 year old. We managed to have breakfast with the princesses at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. From breakfast we ventured on to ride the Frozen ride.

Here are some of memories from the rest of the trip -

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