Can You Feel the Love?

These two were so much fun! I tell you, I really do have the BEST clients! We started our afternoon off at the Historic Pearl in downtown San Antonio. Jessica looked amazing in her sparkly dress and it complimented very well with her dapper husband, Sam. This amazing couple made my job easy because their love shined through their entire session! Originally, when Jessica contacted me we were going to do only a holiday session at a tree farm. Sam had the idea to elevate this experience and get some timeless portraits to add to their home. We had an excellent time walking around The Pearl and people even asked if they were engaged?! Nope, happily married which is even better. As the sun started to set we made it to a local tree farm. These were more relaxed pictures - Which now they are committed to doing every Christmas as a tradition! We were greeted by 2 horses at the very end which was a beautiful surprise.

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